About us

Our company has been founded in 1998. Since its foundation it has been engaged mainly in purchase and sale of cotton yarns, purchase and sale of textile raw materials, textile semiproducts, textile wastes and last but not least of textile machines too. According to requirements of our customers the yarns are for our company custom-made manufactured in proved spinning plants all over the world (for example in Italy, Turkey, Egypt, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA). Our company uses the service of specialized laboratory to enable a yarn´delivery of the corresponding quality demanded by you.

Our company has been since 2010 certified according to the standard of the quality control system ISO 9001:2008. The yarns delivered by our company are manufactured only from healthy materials and it is declared by our company by an international valid certificate Ă–EKO-TEX 100. Our company runs moreover own logistic centre which enables to increase the quality of services, mainly through optimalization of deliveries in a short time.